What are repeat prescriptions?

A repeat prescription allows you to get your regular medication without having to see your doctor each time


What is changing?

Pharmacies and suppliers of medical appliances will not be able to order medicines on your behalf – you will need to order these directly via your GP practice.
You will need to order your repeat prescription directly from you GP practice by:

  • Online ordering via smartphone app or computer
  • Dropping your repeat prescription request off at the GP practice
  • Posting your repeat prescription request to your GP practice

What is not changing?

If you already order repeat prescriptions directly from your GP surgery this change will not affect you.

If you have nominated a pharmacy or appliance contractor to receive your prescriptions electronically this will continue.

What you need to do

As your GP practice will not accept repeat requests from pharmacies or other suppliers, you will need to order your repeat prescriptions from your GP practice when you have seven to ten days of medicines left. You should contact your pharmacy to let them know you have ordered a prescription if you wish for them to collect or deliver this for you

Remember your GP practice needs two to three working days to issues a prescription, so don’t leave it until the last minute. The pharmacy requires an additional 48 hours to dispense your medicines.  So we recommend ordering medication at least 72 hours in advance.

To register for online services you will need to visit your GP practice with photo identification and proof of address:


Why is this happening?

By encouraging all patients that have the ability to order their own repeat prescriptions it will offer you, as a patient, dull control over which prescription items are issued each month. Please ensure you order only what you require to avoid over ordering and stockpiling of your prescription medicines. The money saved through reducing medicines waste can be used to fund prescribing of other medicines.

Please do not order repeat contraception on-line as it will be rejected.  You need to have regular monitoring to having your contraception on repeat and as such you need to see a Nurse regularly.